Pro Shop

We are a small community of golfers in the summer, with a limited number of winter visitors. We cater to serious golfers, and attempt to provide the absolute best in equipment and accessories. We stock a supply of “Top-line” balls and a few less expensive balls. We Stock only the best socks in Golf - Kentwool. We stock Seaforth rain gear & accessories, and a few other excellent and usually, pretty pricey items. We have demo and fitting clubs from the Major Manufacturers,and are creating a state-of-the-art club building, repair & fitting center. We stock little or no “off-the-rack” clubs. All clubs sold are “custom order”. Shoes are the same as clubs. We stock a limited number of accessories and “knick-knacks”, such as Gloves, Hats, etc...

We can order just about anything that is golf related for you and it will usually be here next week!

The pro Shop is adjacent to the Bar & connected by a breezeway. It has it’s own covered Patio, which may be one of the most peaceful settings in Cochise County ! (the patio is the un-official home to Cigar & Cigarette smokers, with service from the Bar & Grill)