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Our Mission is to Provide and Manage an Outstanding Golf Course, Clubhouse, Dining and Support Facilities for out Members and Guests

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1372 E Fairway Drive, Douglas, AZ 85607

Come Look at Us Week

Enjoy an entire week of doing what you love to do. For R V Owners, the package includes;

  • Seven rounds of golf, with cart, for two - retail value @ $40.00 each: $560
  • One week space rental in R V Park - $120
  • Seven large buckets of range balls - $ 35
  • Total value - $715
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • For couples, the package costs - $295 - Singles - $250  
  • If you do not have an R V - We can accommoate you in the La Perilla apartmments, completely furnished unit, for an aditional $100 for the week

Since the promotional flyers & emails went out, we have had several people say, "what's the catch ?" "why is it so cheap ?"

Well, there is no "catch"---but there is a story... 

Like hundreds, (maybe thousands), of small town, City owned 18 hole golf courses across the Nation, we have, in recent years, been losing money. The normal answers to that situation are to 1. Reduce expenditures, or 2. Increase prices... Reducing costs means pumping less water, using less fertilizer, use less labor---in general---not properly maintain the colf course... This, naturally, means less quality in the golf product---which does not make the core, local golfers very happy---and it still loses money ! On the other hand, increasing prices can not work either---if the prices were increased enough to just get it to break even, the costs to the small group of local golfers would be outrageous ! 

We chose to take a different path.

We decided to enhance the golf course --- and reduce the prices !  And attempt to attract an additional 30 to 40 couples that are avid golfers, that want an excellent golf experience during the Winter months.

We do not expect the golf revenue from 30 or 40 couples to be the magic end all, be all cure ! However, we do believe that if those 60 to 80 people are very happy with the entire product package we have to offer---they will tell other snowbelt golfers about "the great golf course in that little town in nowhere Arizona", and next year we will have 50/60 couples playing on our course, dining in our restaurant, having fun in our bar... And the year after that, perhaps 70/80 couples, and that is all we want ! (we may actually need tee times...!)

So---we created the "come look at us" package to get people to do just that ! Come look at us---see what we have to offer---see if we meet your expectations...

 If you like what we have to offer, and we meet your expectations, (and if you will repair your ball marks, fill your divots and rake the traps), we will invite you to come spend the Winter with us.