Labor Day Invitational - Sponsored by the Douglas Golf and Social Club & the City of Douglas
Join the oldest continuous amateur golf tournament in Arizona, or perhaps anywhere in the United States at the same venue. It is a three-day event slated around the Labor Day Weekend, and brings players and families from over 20 States. A two-player team event, this Tournament provides a fun week, with fierce competition, for all involved.

Club Championship

Southern Arizona Stroke Play Championship

A two day event, conducted in the Fall, with a Gross Championship flight, a net flight and a senior flight. This event brings Locals & Snowbirds from all over southern Arizona. 

Southern Arizona Snowbird / Local Team Championship
Conducted in early Spring, this is a unique two-person team, 3 day event. Pitting the Locals against the Snowbirds in a modified Ryder Cup Format. Qualifying rounds throughout the winter at participating venues throught Southern Arizona will determine the two 16 player teams.

Monthly Tournaments - Sponsored by the Douglas Golf and Social Club
Played once each month, these one-day events are conducted at various formants.


These one-day events are open to any non tour exempt player, and usually attract better players. Conducted at scratch, with age designated tees, The prize fund is 100% of the entry fees, with no deductions. (40 players/$100 entry fee/$4,000 pot), and will be typically paid at 40% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd, 20% for 3rd and 10% for 4th.

These events are expected to attract players from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, S. California during the summer, and many other States during the winter, when professionals from the snowbelt States are in the area.